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  • Program English + Product Design
  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Age 16 +
  • English language
  • University of Chelsea College of Art, UAL, London
  • Requirements English language Intermediate and above
  • The program cost 1790 GBP

Learn how to create and explore new foods!
With the help of this course you will learn how to find fresh solutions to create a new product based on detailed research and a deep understanding of types and properties of various materials. During training you will learn all the stages of the design process from initial concept definition to create the finished product without the use of the service do my homework.

Subjects of the course:

  • Introduction of the product design
  • Formation of ideas
  • Creative use of materials
  • Three-dimensional modeling as part of the design process
  • Solving problemsDrawing and presentation
  • Design sketches
  • Program English + Interior Design: an introduction
  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Age 16 +English language
  • University of Chelsea College of Art, UAL, London
  • Requirements English Pre-intermediate and above
  • The program cost 1790 GBP

If you ever thought about how best to design the space of your apartment or a country house, or do you like to help their colleagues and friends advice on the choice of color schemes or design solutions, or you want to buy a new profession and become a consultant in the interior, this course will give you all the necessary basic knowledge to do so. There are all stages – from design to design, from the idea to its realization.

Basic tools – color, material and light. Creation of the interior space – the texture of the walls, ceiling and floor. To create a mood – windows, fittings and finishes.

Amazing atmosphere of the university art studio, a few completed projects during training, visiting London showrooms and exhibition halls – a unique experience that will stay with you forever!

Composition of the course:

1. Receiving an order from a client (account the wishes, the terms of reference, etc.)
2. Fundamentals of drawing, measuring, scale, technology and methods
3. The basic vocabulary in the field of design
4. The form and space – the creation of its own model
5. Workshops and discussions

Timetable: Monday Friday

• 9.00-17.00 with a break for lunch.

On request – the students can participate in different excursions and have a full day off (Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge), as well as events organized by the University of the Arts London (exhibitions, performances, debates, parties).

About the Author: Anna Leret is a student. She is from England.