How to Write an Admissions Essay: A Quick Guide

Writing college (or high school) papers is a tough thing to do, but nothing is tougher than writing an admission essay, right?

If you are working on a regular paper, you only risk getting a low grade. With admission papers, the stakes are much – MUCH – higher.

In fact, a strong admission paper can become a life-changer and get you into the school of your dream. And vice versa, a weak one can… well, let’s think positive.

The biggest problem is that way too many students do no quite understand what is expected from them in an admission paper. There are three most common mistakes made in the process:

  1. Rewriting your application. Just like a cover letter for a resume, an admission essay should complement the information already provided in the application. Many applicants, however, use it just to provide
  2. Writing what someone will consider “good” rather than true. Colleges look for competitive and intelligent people able to make tough decisions and go to the top. Do you think they will like your elaborations on the topic of love and friendship more than a sincere piece about the hard choices made on your way to the top of some hierarchy?
  3. Being impersonal. An admission essay is as personal and creative an assignment as it gets. Do not stick to clichés and general phrases, since they do not give admission officers any information about you.

Best college admissions essays are personal and creative – bear is in mind!

If you try googling it, you will easily see that the best college admissions essay examples(actually recognized as the best ones by colleges themselves) do not follow any rule or pre-defined structure.

They sometimes focus on seemingly inappropriate (or at least unexpected) subjects and in general, do all things to make their writers stand out (with reasonable limits, of course).

Our advice: focus on a meaningful life experience (an event, a person, a place) and tell how it helped to shape your character. Of course, to understand which quality of your character to emphasize, you have to pursue a brief research into the values appreciated by the corresponding college.

However, once it has been found out, do not be shy to adjust your essay at to target such values better. After all, life’s competition, and you are bound to use some cunningness and resourcefulness to succeed. This rule applies fully to writing admission papers.

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