How to Review a Memory cleaning App

Lately my Mac has been showing the signs of slow performance. It has become not as fast as it used to be. I tried to solve the problem by removing some useless and junk files, but, unfortunately, the problem persisted. Then I started getting notifications about low memory when using programs such as Adobe Photoshop (I need it for work). That’s when I thought that probably the slowdown was caused by low memory, and decided to try one of the memory optimization tools for the Mac OS X. I had read many reviews in the Internet, and then I heard from my friend about the MemoryKeeper app. Eventually, MemoryKeeper became my final choice, not only because of my friend’s recommendation, but also because of the following three reasons:


  • Simple UI design.


As the MemoryKeeper review says, the app is quite user-friendly and simple. As a UI designer, I’m very critical when it comes to user interfaces, but MemoryKeeper has a neat, Apple-like interface, which ensures smooth and painless user experience. I knew what to do without the need for any user guides, tips, or tutorials. However, MemoryKeeper also has a small “How It Works?” tutorial that helps the users to get the most out of this app and maybe see some hidden gems.

  1. Speed.

I let MemoryKeeper run a quick check my Mac and, just as I thought, gigabytes of RAM were used by my apps. However, when I clicked the “Clean Memory” button, the RAM was instantly freed. The app did its job very fast, because MemoryKeeper itself doesn’t use much RAM to perform its tasks.

  1. Memory cleanups in the background.

Having cleaned the memory manually, I clicked the “Turn On Automatic Cleanup” button that allowed me to forget about memory cleanups and just do my daily tasks, while MemoryKeeper was doing its own tasks in the background without distracting me from work.


To summarize, MemoryKeeper is a simple, good-looking, and silent program that will never annoy or distract the user. I don’t like the apps with many notifications and alerts, so MemoryKeeper is exactly what I need. It’s definitely not just another cleaning app for the Mac OS X and, trust me, it’s worth trying.